Olivia Clinic provides modern medical services and experienced specialists that care for the most essential aspect of your life - health and well-being.

Meet our doctors

Family doctor

Gastroenterologist, gastrointestinal endoscopy specialist, internist



Rheumatologist (on long vacation)

Radiologist, ultrasonography specialist

Rhumatologist, internist

Dermatologist, venereologist

Dermatologist, nutritionist

Traumatologist, orthopedist

Resident in cardiology

Surgeon specialized in phlebology and proctology


Doctor's assistant

Jekaterina Gudelaite


Diana Kovaļova


Marina Gladuncova

Administrator (on childcare leave)

Our services

Why choose us

Professional team

Our team of certified professionals has high knowledge and extensive experience

Unique equipment

Olivia Clinic has the latest modern equipment for health diagnostics

No waiting

You can quickly make an appointment for a doctor's consultation or a test! And we guarantee that you will not have to wait long for your appointment

Who we are

Welcome to Olivia Clinic – a modern, multidisciplinary, outpatient medical centre located in Riga, Latvia. Olivia Clinic offers quality medical care, diagnostics, treatment of internal diseases, and modern prevention methods at an affordable price.

Our facility ensures the highest quality of service, certified personnel, individual attitude towards each patient, and creating the most favourable and comfortable environment for continued recovery.

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