Laser hair removal is the best way to remove unwanted body hair.
The principle of the procedure is the destruction of hair follicles with a laser. Hair becomes thinner, lifeless and falls out after 10-14 days. Young ones do not grow in their place.
“Destroying” almost all hair will require 6-8 sessions to be performed over 6-12 months. Appearing for a maintenance procedure once a year can remove unwanted hair forever.

🔸 Advantages of laser hair removal:
🔸 the method is harmless;
🔸 the procedure is painless;
🔸 the characteristics of the patient’s skin and hair, as well as his state of health and well-being were taken into account;
🔸 no side effects;
🔸 the ability to get rid of hair of any color and structure;
🔸 the most noticeable and long-lasting effect among all hair removal methods.

In our “Olivia Clinic” laser epilation is performed by experienced specialists using the best device – “MeDioStar Monolith”.