Dr. Linda Brokāne





In 2014 oncologist-chemotherapist

February 2021 – Present: American Institute of Integrative Oncology

December 2020 – Traditional herbal medicine in supportive cancer care: from alternative to integrative (Israel Institute of Technology, Coursera)

December 2020: Introduction to Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices (University of Minnesota, Coursera)

February – May 2019: Swiss Biological Medicine Academy (Switzerland), 1-6 Educational module;

May 2015: Gerson Institute (USA, California), Gerson Practitioner Training program, Module I;

2010–2013: Riga Gestalt Institute, psychotherapy (gestalt therapy) studies, certificate of gestalt practitioner obtained


Dr. Linda Brokāne believes that cancer treatment should be holistic and as integrative as possible, with efforts to search for causal relationships, focusing both on the treatment of the cancer process and on improving the body’s internal environment to prevent factors that support the growth of tumor cells. The integrative approach provides a comprehensive view of the cancer process, taking into account the broadest range of modern scientific research. It is important to encourage patients to improve their lifestyle, change their eating habits, integrate useful natural and also synthetic preparations into the therapy plan, which can affect cancer metabolism. Consults in Latvian, Russian and English.


Experience with the following integrative cancer therapies:

  • Dietary recommendations for oncological patients, prescription of the desired nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements, vitamins, functional food, etc.), immune-supporting and immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory, organ system-supportive therapy.
  • Lifestyle recommendations aimed at improving the general condition, improving long-term survival.
  • Recommendations for body-supporting methods before and after chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy;
  • Recommendations on how to improve the sensitivity of chemotherapy and other conventional methods;
  • Recommendations for advanced cancer diagnosis (detection of circulating tumor cells, tumor RNA sequencing tests, etc.);
  • Experience working with intravenous natural antitumor therapies (low and high dose vitamin C, curcumin, artesunate, resveratrol, etc.);
  • Experience working with mistletoe preparations (subcutaneous, intravenous) for immune system support and antitumor effect;
  • Recommendations on the use of “repurposed medicines” (these are medicines that are primarily registered for other indications, not cancer treatment, but have additionally shown effectiveness by suppressing the metabolism of cancer cells);
  • Experience working with other integrative therapies (dendritic cell vaccines, cytokine-induced mast cell therapy, ozone therapy).
  • Development of a complementary cancer treatment plan.


“Stay close to nature and its eternal laws will protect you.” dr. Max Gerson